Ergonomic Home Innovative BILD Adjustable and Fixed Monitor Stands. Change, Adjust, Adapt. BILD Is Built Like A Hi-Rise Building W/Vertical And Horizontal Beams For Strength And Rigidity.

BILD is an innovative and easy way to configure solution for multi monitor applications. Offered in endless configurations, BILD enables you to build, adjust, and adapt with ease for specific applications. So what that means is quickly convert from 2 to 16 - or more - monitors without wasting parts, only add the parts needed. No need to buy a whole new monitor arm. Mounts with fixed height clamp, or thru-bolt. Or optional electric height adjustable column adjusts the height of your monitors by 10-inches. Going Green? BILD Adjustable Monitor Mounts are made of 99% recyclable content. Free shipping 5-7 days. Click any of the models below to watch the BILD video.

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