Console Desk Bench System

Console Desk Bench System
This Console Desk Bench System addresses the way people work today in collaboration. Bench desks addresses the advancement in today’s workforce and increases productivity, efficiency, and sustainability all while providing substantial cost savings over traditional modular furniture options. Also, they are height adjustable with electric motors.

The number one reason is to save you money. TBC Consoles offers real, clear cost savings over traditional panel system cubicles and systems. Usually a 15-40% cost saving gain is realized. Say you are contemplating the purchase of $100,000 of cubicle/modular furniture - AKA panel systems. With a 15% to 40% savings by using TBC Consoles Bench Desk System, that is a savings of $15,000 to $40,000! Save another 22-26% on your real estate costs. Leasing office space is expensive. Because of shared components of The TBC Consoles Bench Desk System between workstations, and intelligent configurations it requires a smaller footprint than panel systems. Because most panel systems manufacturers’ panel thickness is 2 to 4” thick, that is where your savings in real estate leasing costs come in.

Eco-Friendly Furniture: TBC Consoles is committed to reducing our environmental impact through sourcing environmentally sustainable materials that have a low impact on the indoor and outdoor environment. Our corporate environmental responsibility includes a number of internal decisions that collectively reduce our footprint on the planet. TBC has worked on a number of projects, including LEED platinum buildings that are seeking to ensure products comply with various environmental standards. Plus the reduction in the square footage of real-estate ensures a reduced carbon footprint. Wherever possible, recycled packaging is used, and we actively promote the recycling of the packaging our products use. There are thousands of combinations so contact us for a quotation. is an online furniture store since 1997 with 37 years of office furniture experience. We are safe, sure, sound, and secure.

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