Heated Printer Enclosure Keeps Printers From Freezing Up!

A heated printer enclosure keeps your printer warm in a cold environment like a warehouse, dock area, or cold storage lockers. Completely gasketed with compression hardware for a tight seal to keep the heat in and the cold out. A secondary insulated label exit door is closed when the printer is not operating. Includes NEMA-4X wash-down protection. Includes 200 watt Hoffman heater, w/cord and metal mounting panel to prevent your printer ink and printing head from freezing up. Offered in 120 volt, or 230 volt. No fan or acoustical foam. To keep the heat inside there is 5 degree low temp polyethylene foam rubber insulation installed. The frame-work is 1/4" ABS plastic. Strong and rust proof. Will not interfere with WI-FI like metal covers do. Finish is black, textured finish. Each base cabinet includes a gasketed label exit door with an insert that is configured to the specific printer. Let us know the manufacturer and model number of your printer and we will provide you with a drawing for your review and approval before ordering.

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