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PACS Radiology Furniture | Sit Stand Ergonomic Desk Back Top Straight #PACSLGT18C-2-SQBK

PACS Radiology Furniture | Sit Stand Ergonomic Desk Back Top Straight #PACSLGT18C-2-SQBK

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Standard Travel Range:  Width:  Casters Set of 4 Front 2 Lock:  CPU Shelf:  Installation Assembly:  Laminates/Edge Trim: 
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Jean from California says: Rating: Excellent, Prompt delivery. Product as promised. Merchant went the extra distance to make sure I purchased the correct ergonomic chair.

Radiology Workstation Furniture + Sit Stand Ergonomic Desk:

Enjoy the health benefits of an ergonomically correct sit stand desk with electric height adjustable motors. Plus the front surface is curved to embrace the human form and respond to your dynamic movements. Dual surfaces adjust independently of the other with four (4) electric motors allowing quick, easy, and ergonomically correct positioning for each controller. Other manufacturers use only two electric motors. Each surface of this Sit Stand Desk lifts up to 300 lbs. of monitors, CPU, printers, etc. Widths are: standard 72", 60", 65" 83", 88", or 96" wide. Questions? Phone home free 1-877-550-2678 or click to email Tom
  • Reduces RSI: Repetitive strain injuries by reducing stress & strain on the computer user's wrists, forearms, neck, shoulders, back & lumbar region.
  • Reduces eye fatigue: this adjustable computer desk reduces eye fatigue, stress & strain by having a minimum viewing distance from the computer user's eyes to the monitors of 24".
  • Monitor mounts: There are two ways to mount your monitors. 1). Is the top image where your monitors have their own bases and sit on top of the back surface. 2). Click the link below, to review, and select from our monitor stands/arms: for single, dual, triple, quad, and multiple monitor applications.
  • Cable management: Equipped with a cable tray in the rear of the monitor surface. The cable tray conceals and distributes all the wiring required.
  • Travel range: This Control Room Desk has two travel ranges. From 28" to 48" (lifts 300 lbs), and from 25" to 50" (lifts 350 lbs per surface) using electric motors that automatically level the surfaces as they are adjusted in height, even if they are weighted unevenly.
  • Top Sizes: #LGT dimensions are: Overall: 70"w. X 48 1/2"d. Front top is 70"W. x 23 5/8"d. Back top is 68.25"w. X 19 5/8"d. Optional widths are: 60", 65" 70" 83", 88", or 96" wide on the back top. Add above right.
  • Installation is not included, but is easy, and takes about 90 minutes. Basically all you have to do is attach the two tops to the base, and the mounting hardware is included. Select assembly by our installer above right if you do not have a loading dock to accept a 53' long truck at a dock height of 45" to 54".
  • Tailgate delivery: Very important. If you do not have a truck tailgate high loading dock, or if your delivery address is in a residential area, you need to add "Tailgate Delivery" above right. The reason is this computer desk ships on a 53 foot long truck that has to back up to a loading dock to unload. The tailgate height of a trailer is about 4 feet above the ground. Tailgate delivery means the shipping company will bring a smaller truck that has a liftgate to offload your order at the curb. The driver is not responsible for delivery or assembly inside of your house. If the delivery has to be re-scheduled you will be charged a re-delivery charge, plus the tailgate delivery. online since 1997 with 40 + years of office furniture experience. We are safe, sure, sound, and secure. Questions? Phone home free 1-877-550-2678 or click to email Tom .
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