</b></font>ARCHITECTURAL GLASS PARTITON WALLS. KI KRUEGER INTERNATIONAL SERIES: EVOKE, GENIUS, LIGHTLINE:</font> <p>RATING:&#11088;&#11088;&#11088;&#11088;&#11088;</b></font></b>
Three series of Architectural Walls to select from. Delivery and installation in most areas of the lower 48 states by KI - Krueger International factory certified installers. Email your ideas to email Tom for a quote. Questions, phone home free to 1-877-550-2678. Ergonomic Home is an online furniture store since 1997 with 40 years of office furniture industry experience. Our contact info is below too.

  • EVOKE Architectural Wall: Allows you to create spaces like never before. It is an architectural wall that changes walls. Your are not constrained with barriers, or boundaries. Freedom to explore new possibilities. Creative new vision, experience a new form of personal expression. Remove complexity and embrace simplicity, with a higher level of performance and flexibility. Traditional walls divide. EVOKE brings it all together.
  • GENIUS Architectural Wall: Genius walls create beautiful and highly functional spaces that promote efficiency and productivity. By using customizable designs and configurations. Genius was designed to respond to your unique needs and special requirements. Genius is compatible with all KI systems furniture and architectural solutions. The Genius walls integrate with worksurfaces, storage and accessories to create streamlined workstations. Power and data where needed, meeting your technology needs of today and tomorrow.
  • LIGHTLINE Architectural Wall: Lightline is built on the premise that light is your friend. Your employees will thank you for providing a well lit work environment with increased productivity. Poor lighting directly affects work performance as it puts strain in workers’ eyes. This can also lead to further problems like headaches and eye illnesses. Apart from the necessity factor, proper lighting also brings aesthetic advantages to your workplace” according to Price Electric. So Lightline’s seamless connections maximize natural lighting for brighter, more attractive spaces, directly results in more efficient and productive environments. Lightline’s unique ability to be specified with unlimited runs of butt-glazed glass allows you to design spaces without visual breaks from unsightly vertical posts. Lightline also features thinner, smaller rectilinear profiles which practically go unnoticed.

QUESTIONS OR NEED A QUOTE? Phone home free to 1-877-550-2678 or E-mail Tom.

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