Make Your control room an Ergonomic Home for your controllers.
  • How? A sit-stand desk Improves physical, metabolic, and even mental health. The positive factors of sitting less, and standing more, are important healthy changes at your work. How much time should you spend sitting, and standing? A 50-50 split is a good starting goal. Adjust as needed. How does that feel?
  • Quality: When you are ready for The Best Quality control room desks, then you are ready for ErgoTrac Consoles. They are the highest quality control room consoles built to endure the heavy wear and tear of 24/7/365 control room operations which get 7 times the wear and tear of standard commercial furniture. Includes a lifetime warranty on fixed metal structures, and five-ten years on nearly everything else. So, if you are considering a lesser-priced control room desk there is a reason why. Made in the USA creating jobs here, not overseas.
  • These height-adjustable sit-stand desks are made for the markets of Audio Visual, Broadcast TV & Radio, News, Process Control & Utilities, Security & Defense Transportation, and 911 Dispatch operations. From single-operator desks to sophisticated control rooms, we provide the products and the expertise to create ergonomically correct and organized workspaces that lead to greater efficiency, productivity, and personal performance. We provide you with architectural layout drawings before manufacturing begins.
  • GSA Furniture Contract. Questions or need a quote Email Tom for a quotation. Or phone home free to 877-550-2678.

QUESTIONS OR NEED A QUOTE? Phone home free to 1-877-550-2678 or E-mail Tom.

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