Video Wall - TV Wall Mount

TracWall Video Wall is an excellent system for organizing a wall of monitors. Use any combination of monitors or components including speakers, UMDs, and clocks. Can be free standing, wall mounted, or include base cabinets.
  • Also adjustable, adaptable, and an upgrade-able. Designed to give you perfect sight lines.
  • Grid-work of structural aluminum, many variations of monitor wall arrangements, for future modifications and upgrades. Monitor displays from 15" to 70" bolt directly to Trac Wall with a variety of fixed, tilt/swivel and articulating mounts.
  • Cables are routed into base cabinets which also provide additional rack equipment and power supplies.
  • Customers include: Google, YouTube, NBC's 2012 London Olympics, The United Nations, Houston Rockets, Houston Astros, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, and many more.

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