• Includes wood or laminate counter with solid wood edge detail, wood chassis with the wood reveal, wood or laminate work-surface with one grommet. Overall height 42. Standard widths of: 72"W. x 36D. x 42"H. and 84"W. x 36"D. x 42"H. And custom sizes made to your specifications of your courtroom floor plan with CAD drawings and color renderings for your review before manufacturing. For a quote or questions click to e-mail Tom. Or phone home free 1-877-550-2678 for 40 years of experience to assist you. Online furniture store since 1997.
  • Installation/assembly performed by a professional installation company in MOST cities, but not all within the lower 48 contiguous states. The shipment would be to their warehouse as a trailer height loading dock is required to accept shipments from a specialized 53' length truck.
  • Optional bulletproofing: Many courtroom facilities require bulletproof Judge's desk bench. We typically use OF 300, Level 3 protection, which will stop a 44 magnum bullet. A fiberglass panel is sandwiched between finished wood panels and is not visible from the front or back.
  • Optional height-adjustable Judge's desk: With electric motors adjust vertically. Available on some models.
  • Credibility: Rated as excellent credit by Dun & Bradstreet. We have been in the office furniture industry since 1976, and on the internet since 1997. Review Customer testimonials..

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