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Our judges desk furniture manufacturer has been in business for 50 + years. Specializing in courtroom furniture that is modular and comprised of individual free-standing units for use in hearing and deposition rooms, municipal courtrooms, schools, or by law firms to conduct mock trials. Ships assembled and finished ready for installation. Tax deduction as it is classified as office furniture. Can be changed, re-arranged, moved as your needs dictate. Compared to architectural millwork - AKA millwork - which is finished on site, can't be moved, no tax deductions, and ends up in land fill if moved.

  • Made in USA Creating jobs here, not overseas.
  • Different styles: From contemporary, to traditional, and transitional. Customized to your requirements.
  • Bullet proofing: Many courtroom facilities require bulletproofing in the Judge's bench. We typically use OF 300, Level 3 protection, which will stop a 44 magnum bullet. The fiberglass panel is sandwiched between finished wood panels and is not visible from front or back.
  • Ship and install: Throughout the USA. We have been in the office furniture industry since 1976, and on the internet since 1997.
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