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Standard Travel Range:  Width:  Optional Casters Set of 4 Front 2 Lock:  Optional CPU Shelf:  Laminates Review Below: 
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Isidro from Tempe says: “I shopped around a lot for a chair for my home office, but the free shipping with Ergonomic Home made the difference. Great price too!”
Jerome from Philadelphia says: “ A+, I needed a keyboard & mouse holder for my desk setup at home. I found this site through Google, & they have choices that many other sites don’t. I found the keyboard & mouse tray I wanted and even bought a computer holder that caught my eye. Quick check out process and my order arrived when expected.”
Clara in Cedar Rapids says: “I was tasked with finding a new receptionist desk that complied with the new safe distancing rules sent by corporate HR, and Damon was a huge help. He made suggestions with several different options based on my needs, and even helped me with the space planning! The receptionist area looks great, and we’ll definitely be buying again.”
Alex in Seattle says: “We purchased one of Ergonomic Home’s radiology desks several years ago, and it has been a great unit. Recently we expanded our facility, and I was very pleased to see that Ergonomic Home still offered the same exact workstation. This was a big deal for us because we wanted all of our equipment to look the same and remain uniform. Just like last time, Tom’s customer service was top-notch, and our order arrived earlier than expected.”
Ricky from LA says: “Sweet Setup! This podcast setup is sick!! Our weekly podcast is legit now. Having the right setup that incorporates all of our equipment really elevates our game. The sky is the limit! Big props to the folks at Ergonomic Home!”
Richard in OKC says: “After looking at several other places, we chose Ergonomic Home because they responded quickly and had the best-delivered price. We opted for their installation service, which turned out to be a great choice. Everything arrived in good order, and the installers were in and out in no time. These cubicles actually look great, and most importantly they give our employees the physical space and separation needed. 2 thumbs up!”
Pete in Boston says: “Ergonomic Home had the best price and free shipping on the chair I needed. A buddy of mine had told me about this really cool chair that looks like a spine, and forms to your back. I found it here at a great price and decided to bite the bullet. I’m glad I did because this thing is awesome. After 23 years as a freelance programmer, I’ve spent a ton of time in the seat, and I never had a chair this comfortable before. The Verte chair from these guys is ergonomics at its finest! Five Stars!
Cheryl in Roanoak says: “Great prices and customer service with fast delivery. What else can I say, I couldn’t be happier with my new desk.”


Enjoy the health benefits of an ergonomically correct sit stand desk with electric height adjustable motors. The front surface is curved to embrace the human form and respond to your dynamic movements. The back surface is straight to fit flush against a wall. Dual surfaces adjust independently of the other with four (4) electric motors allowing quick, easy, and ergonomically correct positioning for each controller. Each surface of this Sit Stand Desk lifts up to 350 lbs. of monitors, CPU, printers, etc. Width is 88" = 7 feet 3". Questions? Phone home free 1-877-550-2678 or click to email Tom


  • Reduces RSI: Repetitive strain injuries by reducing stress & strain on the computer user's wrists, forearms, neck, shoulders, back & lumbar region.
  • Reduces eye fatigue: This adjustable computer desk reduces eye fatigue, stress & strain by having a minimum viewing distance from the computer user's eyes to the monitors of 24".
  • Cable management: Equipped with a cable tray in the rear of the monitor surface. The cable tray conceals and distributes all the wiring required.
  • Travel range: This Control Room Desk travel range from 25" to 50" (lifts 350 lbs per surface) using electric motors that automatically level the surfaces as they are adjusted in height.
  • Top Sizes: #LGT adjustable computer desk dimensions are: Overall: 88"w. X 50 1/2"d.
  • Monitor mounts/arms: Review the many monitor mounts/arms/stands at the link below. We offer single, dual, quad and multi-monitor mounts. Let us know the manufacturer and model number of your monitors so we can recommend the best monitor arm array.


  • Optional Delivery/Assembly Included Most Areas: Our local installer receives at their warehouse, then deliver/assemble at your location. Monday -Friday 8AM-4PM. This adjustable computer desk can be shipped to your location for your staff to assemble. It is not hard as illustrated assembly instructions are provided.
We also offer all the other related products you will need to accessorize your Ergonomic Home control room desk such as: LCD flat panel monitor arms -or- CPU holder & CPU cabinets, -or- heavy duty ergonomic chairs, -or- adjustable keyboard arms w/keyboard trays, -or- monitor stands & arms, -or- and other ergonomic products. online since 1997 with 46 + years of office furniture experience. We are safe, sure, sound, and secure. Questions? Phone home free 1-877-550-2678 or click to email Tom .
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