• DAIS Council Chambers Furniture for city halls, law firms, universities, and high schools. Custom-made to your exact dimensions. Available in contemporary, transitional, and traditional styles. U-shaped, or crescent-shaped footprint that allows council members to interact with each other, as well as address the public. Scroll to the bottom for typical layouts.

  • Optional Social Distancing Panels: For social distancing, and to meet the CDC minimum distancing recommendation of 6-feet person to person, council chambers desks have to basically double in width! So, what that means is if a council chambers desk, that is horseshoe-shaped seats 9-10 members, with dimensions of 16-feet wide X 8-feet deep, it has to increase in width to 32-feet! We understand that not every building has the room to accommodate these requirements. So ErgonomicHome.com has a solution. Click to contact for a quote email Tom. Or phone home free to 1-877-550-2678. We will design a layout for your specific needs. Ergonomic Home has been online since 1997 with 40 + years of office furniture industry experience.

    By adding our vertical Acrylic panels, which are sneeze and cough guard barriers, and are designed to protect you and your employees from accidental COVID exposure. Quality construction includes clear Acrylic panels 3/8 thick. Available in up to 36 wide x 42 high. The base is strong durable non-skid, and free-standing which does not require fastening to the surface. Made from heavy-duty MDF board 24 wide x 6d x 4 3/4 high. Painted in white or other colors. Note the top of the panel includes a metal connector for a strong connection. Go here for other Social Distancing Furniture.

  • Custom Dais Furniture: Ergonomic Home can assist in the design and layout of your Dais with 3-D color renderings and dimensional drawings for your review before manufacturing. These drawings are very helpful for you to understand how your Dais furniture will look before purchasing. And the relative size and position of the components. To get started we need a CAD file from your Architect or a hand sketch that illustrates the layout of your room with dimensions, the location of the doors, windows, and any vertical structural columns. Email a copy to email Tom. Or phone home free to 1-877-550-2678.

  • Optional 6" Riser: Includes interior ribbing with cut-outs to facilitate cabling, removable hatch under work surface for access to cables, and wire chase in corners.

  • Modular Furniture Design: Each component ships assembled. Optional casters, w/quick release metal connections can be added allowing the Dais furniture to be moved, then re-positioned. Compared to architectural mill-work/built-ins, are fixed in place, cannot be moved without demolishing, ending up in a landfill. Not Eco-Friendly.
  • Speaking of Eco-Friendly: Our manufacturer is a member of the US Green Building Council, which establishes guidelines for the construction of green buildings and establishes LEED rating systems. And can offer several avenues to accumulate LEED points: Material and Resources. Credit 4.1 Recycled Content 10%. Credit 4.2 Recycled Content 20%. Credit 5.1 Regional Materials, 20% recycled regionally. Credit 5.2 Regional Material, 10% extracted and manufactured regionally. Credit 6 Rapidly renewable materials. Credit 7 Certified Wood. Indoor Environmental Quality. Credit 4.1 Low-Emitting Materials, Adhesives, and Sealants. Credit 4.4 Low-Emitting Materials, Composite wood, and laminate adhesives.
  • Optional Bulletproof desk: Many Dais Council Chambers require bulletproofing. We use OF 300, Level 3 protection, which will stop a 44 magnum bullet. A fiberglass panel is sandwiched between finished wood panels and is not visible from the front or back making for a bulletproof desk.
  • Installation/assembly performed by a professional installation company in MOST cities, but not all within the lower 48 contiguous states. The shipment would be to their warehouse as a trailer height loading dock is required to accept shipments from a specialized 53' length truck designed specifically for office furniture transportation. They will use a smaller track with a tailgate lift to deliver and assemble at your location. All components ship in wood crates for protection.
  • Ergonomic Home is an online furniture store since 1997 with 40 years of office furniture industry experience. Review the Dais council chamber furniture models below. For a quote email Tom. Or phone home free to 1-877-550-2678.

QUESTIONS OR NEED A QUOTE? Phone home free to 1-877-550-2678 or E-mail Tom.

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