• Dais Chambers furniture for city halls in contemporary, transitional, and traditional styles. U-shaped, or crescent shaped footprint that allows council members to interact with each other as well as address the public. Also used by universities, law firms, an even high schools to train their associates for mock courtroom furniture experience.

  • Modular Furniture Design: Each component ships assembled making for quick and easy assembly. Optional casters and quick release metal connections can be added allowing the Dais to be moved, then re-positioned. Compared to architectural mill-work - also known as built-ins - which are fixed in place and cannot be moved.
  • Custom furniture with CAD drawings and color renderings before manufacturing for your review.
  • Optional Bullet proofing: Many courtroom facilities require bulletproofing in the Judge's bench. Most series can be bulletproofed. We use OF 300, Level 3 protection, which will stop a 44 magnum bullet. A fiberglass panel is sandwiched between finished wood panels and is not visible from front or back.
  • Installation/assembly performed by a professional installation company in MOST cities, but not all within the lower 48 contiguous states. Shipment would be to their warehouse as a trailer height loading dock is required to accept shipments from a specialized 53' length truck designed specifically for office furniture transportation.
  • Ergonomic Home is an online furniture store since 1997 with 40 years of office furniture industry experience. Review the Dais council chamber furniture models below. For a quote email Tom. Or phone home free to 1-877-550-2678.

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